Hearts in our hands, we begin. hand in hand, we travel. heart in heart we stack em up like a neverending nesting doll set.

It feels like a constant physics/gravitational pull experiment in my heart when I think about why I play tuba, what will I do with it, can I actually continue playing as an adult,

but I love playing tuba. It brings me great joy. And I bring me great joy. I mean that because just playing tuba wasn’t the pull, what pulled me into it was the idea of doing something unexpected. And although the concept of tuba playing isn’t as amazingly out there as a ten year old me thought it was, I am still sometimes just really excited that I play an instrument that is fairly new in comparison to some other instruments, and is still developing a history including musicians and repertoire, and what all the instrument itself can do. And I could be part of that, I mean I am already, so into it, but I could really try to contribute if I want to.

It’s exciting and I need to remember that when I’m feelin down

you are today.

"That’s how you can tell that you’re filling yourself with the wrong things. You use a lot of energy, and in the end, you feel emptier and less comfortable than ever."

   ~   Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed  (via audrotas)

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Black male* excellence
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"There are essentially two things that will make you wise — the books you read and the people you meet."

   ~   Jack Canfield (via observando)

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at a pool party

"hey bukowski no offense but why dont you take your shirt off in the pool"
"why do we run from the rain but soak in tubs full of water"
"aight take it easy man"

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do vegans not realize it’s literally impossible to consume only ethical products under capitalism

When people can afford to buy anything from anyone/anywhere that does their BEST to make their products ethically, that’s making a difference. It makes a change if they buy ethically made goods whenever they can, even if they cant afford to buy it every time. Of course this isn’t just about veganism, the food industry, it’s about anything related to ethics- there’s a lot of posts I’ve been seeing like mocking people who are trying to change the world even if it’s a very big problem, and they are very small. It might be possible one day to consume ethically made products only one day, if the people who consume the ethically made products today do so as much as they can. If consumers are positive about change, the producers (in any industry) that are also positive about change are strengthened, given a reason to keep striving for whatever it is they want to achieve. Positivity.

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